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Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious:Worldwide Consumers Targets Of A US President

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Yesterday we published this piece:  
Trump Uses Our Tax Dollars To Lobby Against Nordstroms
Read an excerpt from the piece:
"Fortune published an additional piece this afternoon which includes a list of retailers who have dropped his daughter;s brand (lines). As I read the piece, I couldn't help but wonder why Trump is targeting Nordstrom's. Hell, Neiman also dropped Ivanka's lines!"
We are still not certain of why trump picked Nordstroms for waging a White House War on the retailer. Especially since we have read reports of other retailers dropping his daughter's line. As we published the piece on yesterday, we certainly wondered if Trump was using his carnival barking skills to incite (or prompt) sales of his daughter's brand.


Mid-Afternoon update:  The White House says Conway misspoke (out of line and got reamed word). "....Kelly Anne has been "counseled." 

But, the orders already went out to Trump's sycophant army: BUY IVANKA! Have you ever heard that courtroom lawyer speak words to the jury he/she knows will draw an objection and a "strike that last statement via the judge sitting on the bench?  Yes, and that is what we have when the presstitute leaves a message which is far more than subliminal. 

ABC News also addressed the early morning Ivanka advertisement (albeit it unrequested, we assume).

I remind. Trump has been in office less than one month. It is also worth noting the GOP leadership in Congress explored, or discussed, dismantling a federal ethics department which provides monitoring and oversight regarding scenarios such as Conway's Ivanka advertisement. Apparently, millions have taken great exception to Conway's ethics violation.  The department website crashed due to overuse.  

Week three and counting. Folks it will not get better.

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