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Friday, February 10, 2017

TPI Gazette: Distraction, Dossiers And White Supremacist Interview

......Perception Counts ...Non Progressive News

Politifact: Trump lies with 91% of his comments.  

Only an irrational person could possible twist their mind to believe Trump's first thoughts isn't to speak a lie. The facts are there and irrefutable.  This week we found many examples of lies emanating from the mouth and staff of Trump; CBS News captured and broadcast a few of the more notable lies. O, as some broadcast media chooses to label it: Trump "falsehoods."

Kelly Ayotte defeated by bussed-in illegal voters?  Would someone please push Trump for validating evidence of such lies?

CBS new recently broadcast a week's summary of Trump's lies. The really interesting (and disappointing) aspect of the segment was network producers shying away for calling Trump lies actual lies.

Let's follow for a few minutes another unbelievable story from Media Matters. Think of a time when a president of the United States authorized a chief public relations staff to offer white supremacist media an exclusive interview? Telling isn't it? Trump has a few African-American (or "Blacks as conservative African-Americans prefer to call themselves) who stand tall in support of Trump's every utterance and flatulence release.  One has to wonder how they felt or reacted when Spicer met with the white supremacist? 

Maybe the paycheck supersedes and relegates such insults o 13 million African-Americans and millions across the Jewish Community to an irritation probably soothed by that trip to the bank.

From courting white supremacist to riding the White House of properly questioning and monitoring Cyber Security officials.

Can you imagine the danger of softening issues of cyber security in the White House? It is a critical issue as we are now seeing INTEL agencies worldwide who are closing of Putin's cyber support for Trump's win last November. CNN reports, here.

Time for a quick visit to one of Americans newly coined additions to our lexicon or vernacular: "fake news."  It joins other Trump Administration jargon while expanding his base of manipulation and subterfuge (eg. "alternate facts"). It truly doesn't come anymore serious than this piece from Media Matters.


Ultimately, Trump and his surrogate millionaires fell no one cares about ethics violations.  Really<

And, the Non-Progressive News rambles on. What will Trump bring us tomorrow? 

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