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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Trumps Muslim Ban: Hypocrisy Laden, Discriminatory And Unconstitutional

Image result for 911 hijackers cars and their countries

While hypocrisy and privilege are words and states of being which are far less than admirable (maybe deplorable), each is utterly unbelievable and unacceptable for a US President. Moreover, the president is such his close advisers who undoubtedly know the wrongs of his ways, can not or don't seem to be able to curb his "Total Trump" existence. An existence which is fine for a billionaire when exercised among his empire and his minions (employees servants, schmoozers, and derriere cleaners). If you need a poignant example of how /trump will lead, take a look at what follows.

His Muslim immigration ban looks very suspicious as we consider Islamic countries in which Trump does business.

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Hijackers by Airplane:
American Airlines Flight 11
Mohamed Atta - Egypt, tactical leader of 9/11 plot and pilot
Abdul Aziz al Omari - Saudi Arabia
Wail al Shehri - Saudi Arabia
Waleed al Shehri - Saudi Arabia
Satam al Suqami - Saudi Arabia
United Airlines Flight 175 
Fayez Banihammad - United Arab Emirates
Ahmed al Ghamdi - Saudi Arabia
Hamza al Ghamdi - Saudi Arabia
Marwan al Shehhi - United Arab Emirates, pilot
Mohand al Shehri - Saudi Arabia
American Airlines Flight 77 
Hani Hanjour - Saudi Arabia, pilot
Nawaf al Hazmi - Saudi Arabia
Salem al Hazmi - Saudi Arabia
Khalid al Mihdhar - Saudi Arabia
Majed Moqed - Saudi Arabia
United Airlines Flight 93 
Saeed al Ghamdi - Saudi Arabia
Ahmad al Haznawi - Saudi Arabia
Ziad Jarrah - Lebanon, pilot
Ahmed al Nami - Saudi Arabia
Hijackers by Nationality:
Mohamed Atta
Ziad Jarrah
Ahmed al Ghamdi
Hamza al Ghamdi
Saeed al Ghamdi
Hani Hanjour
Nawaf al Hazmi
Salem al Hazmi
Ahmad al Haznawi
Ahmed al Nami
Khalid al Mihdhar
Majed Moqed
Abdul Aziz al Omari
Mohand al Shehri
Wail al Shehri
Waleed al Shehri
Satam al Suqami
United Arab Emirates
Fayez Banihammad
Marwan al Shehhi

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