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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Lies, Opinion News, And A Rebellious Media

You gonna win so much you may even get tired of winning! (Video)

Do you recall the days of old and the carnival barker who lured you into his tent and your eventual leaving the tent thinking..."Now, why did I pay to go in to see the fake crap?"  

(A few seconds of viewing makes the point)

Do you recall the barker was never around to field your angst about wasting your money?

Donald Trump is a pathological and consummate liar. As is always the case people with such psychological deficiencies need layers and layers of facilitators an expected reality. Trump's ascension to an election win was historic in many ways, the most astounding of which was media facilitation for a person lies to the level of Trump. Consider a brief review of Politifact and Trump's "all False" statements. 

What you just read or observed is poignant, tragic and pitiful, and very much unfitting for a US President (and not in any way personally admirable.)  Trump's predecessor left the White House with a virtual 60 percent approval rating. How did he feel about Trump's veracity? 

Obama on Trump the carnival barker

Former Democrat Party presdiental candidate Martin O'Malley

You might say well those guys are Democrats; of course, they would speak as such. Well, there is a noted progressive former journalist who also feels the nation's 45th Present is a serious problem if we want honesty in the White House.
CNN's Brian Steltar also joined in via addressing Trump's utter lack of grasp on reality (via  his "worthless" words).
What happens to a country when a leader’s words are worthless when their promises are toothless or utterly useless? Is that where we now with President Trump?

Yet, we really we really should ask ourselves:  "Is there a surprise, here?

Trump has been proven as a carnival barking liar and manipulator well before he declared a run for the GOP 2016 ticket. Could network show hosts and credible journalist now suffer form of dissonance for not fighting assign Trump as did over half the nation. CNN certainly soft-balled Trump from June of 2015 forward to just before the fall elections. Half of MSNBC's hosts and reporters avoided direct challenges to Trump. Moreover, MSNBC's morning show hosts went well beyond softballing Trump while often appearing to wiffle ball the reality show bloviator.

While we will not expend any serious tie addressing the Fox News role in US Trumpism, one noted evening show demagogue recently caught a direct comment or two from another old school and credible Tv journalist. 

DBC Sunday Morning, Ted Koppel
Words as weapons against US Citizens (voters et al). 

Alas, words from US conservatives.
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