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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Most Wanted? Trump's Russia Facilitators

Why does it seem Trump affiliates don't last very long in service to the nation?  We wager, Jeff Sessions isn't long for his role as US Attorney General.  

The following list of Americans who seemingly worked to satisfy the wishes of Donald Trump are looking like a US Most Wanted poster.

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As revelations of the most untimely of meetings between a future candidate for US Attorney general and a well known Russian ambassador (and known Putin stooge and often referred to as a spy) comes to the light of day, rational Americans should take note.  CNN published a great segment regarding Trump's Atty General and his involvement with the well known operative.

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An even more intriguing broadcast segmetn ran this past Wednesday night via MSNBC's Chris Hayes. What follows is an interview with former Trump adviser Carter Page. Ity is seriously a must watch.
Of course, the world knows former army General Mike Flynn has fallen into US history via his association with Trump. Flynn was Trump's first "You're Fired" for his meetings with Russian Officials and subsequent lying to Trump VP (Mike Pence) about the meetings.
Who is next JD Gordon?

Obviously Kushner isn't going to meet the You're Fired guy as he is connected to Trump via marriage.

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