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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Obama Care Facts VS Trump/Ryan Non-Health Plan


The GOP won the fall General Elections. Trump won an electoral victory (which should draw deep consideration of how the College works) and after one month end-up the process 2.84 million votes behind his opponent Hillary Clinton. The GOP lost seats in the House and the US Senate but retained House and Senate majorities. A dire state which will impact the nation throughout this century and probably into the next Century. The impact of the vote is showing in the Trump/Ryan Budget and it can be characterized as pure blood-letting and "death paneling.A"

US voters should have gone into the polling places with full knowledge and recognition a Trump win would lead to a path for Paul Ryan to cut cost at the expense of all Human Services program. Of course, the ACA is the big target of the GOP. Think of the number of times since Trump's inauguration you have heard "repeal and replace'. Yes, the slogan has gained status right alongside the Confederate Army rebel yell, and the ugly conservative political rally chant of "USA, USA, USA." Repeal and Replace based on the GOP claim the ACA is on a death spiral.

The GOP is remarkably successful at sloganeering.  Evidence of their success is inherent the GOP's opposition to the ACA before 2010 (and thereafter) with that ever-present "death panels" slogan.  The call post-election call of the day is " death spiral." The slogan is nothing more than a sophism much like their pre-2010 "death panels."

While there are many sources of ACA-related information (all of which refute the GOP claims), we prefer to frequent a site called Obama Care Facts. Before moving to a few examples of information-laden charts related to the ACA, it is critical to remember the GOP didn't enact one measure or piece of legislation to further develop the ACA since its signature day at the White House. The party has been in total opposition with lock step strategy with Mitch McConnell's call for Obama as a "one-term" president.
Obama Care Facts excerpt

Obama Care cost and coverage (key considerations)
In all, the latest news is good news in regards to total costs and coverage. A new June 2016 study by the Urban Institute shows the latest long term spending projections are $2.6 trillion lower than the original post-ACA baseline forecast through 2020 — a reduction in projected spending of almost 13%. Read more. Meanwhile, the uninsured rate was estimated to hit an all-time low fell to 9.1% in 2015 according to a 2016 report. Another report demonstrated a steady falling trend under the ACA, but estimated it at an all time low of 11%.
Before the ACA up to 47 million were uninsured.
A Gallup poll shows how the uninsured has decreased since the inception of the law. Note, the poll data relates to late calendar 2013 through the first calendar quarter of 2016.

Gallup also offered a graph clearly showing deep reductions in the uninsured dating back beyond the ACA through the first calendar quarter of 2016.  gallup-healthways-2nd-quarter-2015-aca-uninusred

Millions more Americans now have some form of medical coverage than prior tot he ACA.


MSNBC's Ali Velshi offered a three minutes segment about the myths of the ACA death spiral.
"I want to keep drilling down on some of these big myths that are being spouted about healthcare, surrounding the healthcare system here in the United States," Velshi said. "One of the myths we here, we have it said on this show several times is that the United States have the best healthcare system in the world."

The following MSNBC AM Joy segment is a bit long, but it is must viewing. Her guest, a former Pharmacist and current House Representative from the State of Georgia, comes across as the classic GOP Ayn Rand non-caring conservative. While we should consider not broad-brushing all conservatives as anti-Obama Care since some conservatives apparently benefit from the Affordable Care Act. However, I think it safe to assume the majority of voting conservatives support GOP efforts to repeal the ACA.

The following World Data chart speaks volumes about the extent to which US leadership and health industry professional care little about the quality of health services in our nation.

A pathetic state for an alleged world leader.  Now, consider where the GOP wants to take the majority influence on life expectancy: health care.

If you are a person who values accurate information on the ACA and the Trump/Ryan bill, from a non-conservative perspective you may want to give this piece more minutes Ezra Klein published a great broadcast segment via his VOX website. 

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