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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Russian 2016 Timeline

If you have an aversion to watching YouTube video, do not stop on this post.

If you do not care in any way about probably Russian interference in the 2016 General Elections, move on.

If you do not care about an International virtual thug like "V" Putin (as Trump calls him), do not bother with the embed video below.

If you watched today's (Trump requested) Congressional hearing you may have witnessed the opening Remarks from the senior Democrat on the Committee; therefore no need to view the following segment.

If you are not a news' geek and may have gaps in your understanding of assertions of Russian interference in the election and suspicion of Trump campaign collusion, you should give the video a full viewing. It is 17 plus minutes long because it includes a rather extensive timeline regarding possible subterfuge via the Russians.

Rep. Schiff Opening Statement Laying Out Facts of Russia Investigation

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