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Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: A Budget From The Devil's Disciples

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Trump's first budget is a callous, insensitive to most Americans and greed based as anyone could imagine. It is hard to imagine even ardent (non-wealthy) conservatives digesting what follows.

Federal agency cuts and an image of which population segments gain is yet another example of GOP politics on steroids. 

Prospect dot org
Image result for These 80 Programs Would Lose Federal Funding Under Trump's Proposed Budget

Do you see how fear pays for the GOP?  Defense contractors must be counting their stock performance and anticipating their individual executive compensation. 

The following chart denotes Reagan's Trickle-Down/Supply Side economics on steroids. Trickle-down simply doesn't work for the common people. 

If you are a person who seeks to understand the importance of details associated with any opportunity for information spend a few minutes on a Bloomberg page. The page includes information breakdowns related to each of the 80 Programs targeted by Trump and his fiendish economic savages.

Meal on Wheels? There is something noteworthy about the conservative politicians on the split screen in the following video that says, I hear her but my paradigm is: "I cannot care."

Republican Chris Collins (R-NY) 44 seconds.

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Trump also wants to eliminate a program which may bring joy and fulfilment to millions who can not yet care for themselves.

Here is another perspective on the Trump/Ryan Budget. Ezra Klein speaks frankly and unabashedly about the hell that now comes from our federal government.

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