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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Cronyism Coverups, Strategic Firings and Pressitutes

While not related to the topic to come, the following should have been a key indication the lack of humanity and class imbued in Donald Trump.  You know the backstory. 

I have recently immersed in a point-counterpoint argument with a conservative about The mass firing of 46 Democrat appointed federal prosecutor's. Of course, I knew heading in to the retort laced discussion, the other party's mind was covered with conservative shading. Thus, any discussion would be a waste of time and would end with nothing accomplished. One point int he discussion, the conservative stated: "Well, DEM did it also." 

A matter of fact and inarguable. However, the scope of mass firings with associated ripping the foundation away from many legal proceedings, is unprecedented. Last night many of you watched as MSNBC's Rachel Maddow again offered prospects regarding the mass firing via focus on the New York state prosecutor who refused to resign. A prosecutor who would have prosecutorial authority over matters of Trump Tower and other banking related proceedings. Watch.

Lawrence O'Donnell also reported and discussed the firing of the New York prosecutor.

There was yet another MSNBC segment which, I feel, shows the level of manipulation, subterfuge and malfeasance inherent in Trump and all associated matters.

Imagine the number of Americas who actually bought Trump and the Reince Priebus strategy to win the US Presidency via "Clinton's email". While there was much more unfathomable malfeasance associated with RNC strategy, including Putin cyber warfare units and Assange, lets allow Maddow to run through another example of the dangers of Donald Trump.

A necessary component of Trumpism and its psyche grip on the nation requires a set of "presstitutes" who for a dollar will lie about the tie of day while standing directly in front of Britain's Big Ben. The meme reference to Bowling Green relates to a non-existent claim of an Islamic Terrorist massacre in Bowling Green Kentucky. 

MICROWAVE personal privacy invasion. 

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The president's number one presstitute, Spicer and a job which is a bridge too far. When a president follows far right social media into a fantasy world of lies and innuendo, the presstitute is left to speak to his mess.
The sadness of it all.

The shame of it all.

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