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Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump Presstitutes Sacrificed On Sunday Morning News Shows (Part 1)

4:00AM?  Seriously?

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As expected Trump worked late this week to turn US media away from his crumbling cover up of Russian involvement in his campaign for the Oval Office. His Friday night into Saturday morning, strategy to use what appeared a serious fabrication against a past president to defray the reality of a Sunday morning filled with broadcast media interviews about Putin's political assistance to Trump over the past two years.

Watch as a second tier White House "presstitute", Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, sat with ABC News's Martha Raddatz on the network's This Week show. Ms. Sander's giggly presentation simply could not match the professional and adroit questioning from Raddatz. Pay focused attention to how the White House has decided to defend trump's wire-tapping lie. The word "If" has worked its way into all related dislodge. Raddatz effectively placed "If" in its proper perspective via repeatedly stating Trump stated Obama tapped his Trump Tower phones.

The ploy is so obvious and utterly disrespectful of a person who now occupies the Oval Office.  Trump's so disrespects the nation he would pepper us with lies to defray from his Russia troubles and do so within hours of a Sunday morning full of Trump/Putin/Lies on all television networks.  

Trump seems to be devolving in to 
nothing more than a spoiled man-child who lies with every breathe.

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