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Monday, March 27, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump Dissonance

Since we really do not want to offend, we will avoid further comment.


Well, actually we must offer a small level of specificity.
The racial divide between Democratic and Republican voters was clear.

More young people voted for Clinton, but that bloc did not include as many voters as those over 40, who as a majority voted for Trump.

One last important statistic. The Non-Voter.

Projections from the United States Elections Project

Voting Eligible Population BallotsVoter Eligible Population That Didn’t VoteVoter Eligible Population Total
138,884,643 (60 percent)92,671,979 (40 percent)231,556,622
That 92 million non-voters were existentially Trump voters. They literally decided not to cast a vote, thus throwing their abstinence into the camp of the eventual winner. In this case the winner was Trump.

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