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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Trump And His White House Team; Absent Honesty

Donald J. Trump 
Big announcement by Ford today. Major investment to be made in three Michigan plants. Car companies coming back to U.S. JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!
6:36 AM - 28 Mar 2017

As is frequently the case with Trump and his cabal of information purveyors, he rides a tide of reality via affixing a lie. The jobs coming to the Michigan Ford plants have been in the works since 2015. According to the company CEO, Joe Hinrichs, there is something wrong with the Trup claim. 

“These Michigan Assembly Plant and Romeo Engine plant announcements are consistent with what we agreed to and talked about with the UAW in 2015 negotiations,” said Hinrichs.

Reuters offers a detailed review and report on Ford's Jobs news. 

You know by now that Donald Trump is a liar to the level of "bigly." It should also not take a leap of your imagination to know, pathological liar surround themselves with people of the same ilk. Actually, the habitual liar is known to practice the art of lying from morning till night 365 days a year; it is what they are and they can not avoid lying. Another dynamic of the deep liar is his/her need for facilitators.

Trump's family knows he is a habitual liar. Moreover, anyone who works for Trump also know of his psychological deficiency. There is another set of people who will also become immersed in issues related to trump's lies: International leaders, adversaries and commerce professionals other nations. It is a serious matter and with each passing day we are seeing and experiencing the backwash from Trump's lies; some of which are at the level of an ocean tsunami. While, other lies lay at the level of silly and ridiculous.

As I watched last night's Rachel Maddow show, a couple of segments stood out as classic TRMS (research and broadcast delivery), Maddow's "A" Block story was, as is always the case, lengthy, but critical in delivering perspective of our lying White House denizens.

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