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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Trump, Manafort And Russian Smoke

Image result for trump manafort russiaIn August of 2016, mere weeks before the fall General Elections, The New York Times released a story about the deep cronyism laden past of Donald Trump's most recent campaign manager. Times Writers Andrew e. Kramer, Mike McIntire, and Barry Meier developed the piece with a level of thoroughness virtually uncommon in modern US journalism. 

Secret Ledger in Ukraine Lists Cash for Donald Trump’s Campaign Chief

The Times piece was a long read, but recall our credo when it comes to information. The ore we absorb the better we are prepared to better understand the level and scope of the Trump Administration and its various characters.

MSNBC has also picked up the tough work of researching and reporting on Trump's tangled webs of cronyism with probable connections of a nexus with Vladimir Putin. The following segments broadcast on March 28, and each segment includes what seems credible reporting from NBC;s Richard Engel.

Seth Abramson via Twitter recently posted 20 #Russiagate facts about which US mainstream media has either overlooked or ignored.  The page also includes three 'bonus" tweets worthy of your perusal.

There is an awful lot of smoke surrounding Trump and Russia (Via Putin). You know the rest of the old adage. Hint: It has to do with "fire." Not only does cronyism seems to abound, it is becoming increasing difficult (or impossible) to avoid view that flames of that metaphoric fire.

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