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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Trump: Obama Phone Tapped Candidate Trump?

Donald Trump Politifact File

In late 2016 or early 2017, Politifact again visited with the Trump lie machine only to find the results exponentially more driven towards untruths. And, the untruths grew as the campaign wound towards the November 8th vote. Trump's percentage of "False" and Pants on Fire statements not only grew in number the percent of lack of veracity grew like a Dandelion in July. 

The lies certainly haven't diminished. The latest blurb of totally false information emanates from Breitbart News to the general public via the mouth of the nation's 45th President.
We actually doubt there is a rational person in the US who actually believes the latest Trump effort to deflect from his growing troubles with Russian malfeasances and interference in the fall elections. A major problem with Breitbart's lie and Trump's advancing the lie resides in the embodiment of credible top INTEL officials. James Clapper is one such official.

The NBC News video only for those who didn't choose to visit the Media Matters link.

FBI Director helped elect Trump, via his total mismanagement of issues related to Clinton email investigation. He now has to work to keep his President in check.

The shame of it all.

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