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Monday, March 20, 2017

Trump Sinking Fast: Lying Tweets, Russian Connections, And Campaign Collusion Investigations

That look when a professional leaders can not fathom her podium partner is going there.

"As far as wiretapping by this last Administration — at least we have something in common, perhaps,"
he (Trump) said. The unhinged US leaders was speaking at a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Trump during Merkel's recent visit to the White House.
"Perhaps?", "Perhaps?"  Well, credible entities with responsibility for for enacting and deploying such listening devices says: "no."

Watch as FBI Director Comey comments on Trump's far-right media based Tweets. Tweets which effectively established Trump as a follower of conspiracy media and subsequent to that a person absent the intellect to seek accurate information. We should recall, Trump once mentioned the National Enquirer as a source of news he values.

Take a look at how Trump started his morning:
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How is it possible for Trump and his declining administration to continue of a path of denial in the face of fact? A reality that now finds his approval rating (according to Gallup) at 37 percent.

Actually, Trump should consider his past exhortations for Putin to find evidence about Clinton's "33,000" Email as well as his past open praise of WikiLeaks. We know now WikiLeaks is as much a Putin tool as are his military generals. The following Twitter feeds should serve as a deep reminder.
All said, we have a man in the White House who seems to possess as much dirty baggage and national security threats as any foreign adversary. Today's hearing boils down down Trump's and right wing media lies to four unanswered question according to NPR.

NPR published a piece this afternoon with four key unanswered questions now that we officially know the FBI is conducting an investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives.
1. How much evidence is still to be discovered? And how reliable is what's now public? 
2. Might Trump aides have colluded with Russia without knowing it? 
3. What did Trump know – and when did he know it? 
4. How will Russia respond to the investigations and their outcome?
Let's end on a more humorous note. Why do right wing white politicians (some not all) spend moderate amounts of time and effort having stooges apply skin tone make-up to their faces?

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It is important to note we issued not comment about 45th's mid-section.

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