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Friday, April 28, 2017

Another FOX Guys Goes Carnal

Rational Americans do not consider Fox News an actual news source. Yes, my thoughts are rational Americans are not deep right TV viewers and rational Americans recognize Fox for what it is: an entertainment network replete with a plethora of behind the scenes sexual escapades....FOXPEN (fox Propaganda And Entertainment Network).

Sexual escapades? 

Exhibit One: Posted to YouTube in 2016

Anna Kooiman

More, why even wear any lower extremity garments?  Link.

Heather Neuert 

The Fox Show Outnumebred's couch is classic ratings booming

Gretchen Carlson walked away from Fox with a $20 million settlement after she secretly recorded Roger Ailes sexual harassment advances. 

Well, Ms. Carlson certainly played the Fox model to the max.

And, this one seemed to literally raise her skirt after direction from off camera.

Even after the Ailes firing with reports of $40 million in contract payouts, the network persevered with its apparent looseness with on camera exhibitions of flesh, snide carnal related remarks and a top host who has now been fired ($25 million payouts) for allegations of sexual harassment.  

Yet, that old adage has hit Fox News again. Basically, if you don't clean the gutters why even have gutters? Fox obvious fosters an atmosphere of "king-men", playing scantily clad women like revolving trophies.

Corporate culture is like corporations Ten Commandments. If the top subscribes to viewing woman employees as available meat, it tends to do that conservative thing of trickling-down though highly regard personalities who have network clout. 

Over the near past, Carlson commented on the radio show of her Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade about the Foxs policy of not wearing pants while on Fox News news sets.

After the O'Reilly firing, what did Fox do regarding their evening line-up? They place a well-known Fox operative in an evening slot. O'Reilly traveling henchman, Jesse Waters, moved into an available slot. Well, it took mere days for Waters to show his Fox News culture. And, he did so on the very show, The Five, which was recently criticized for implications of a leggy camera chair model and carnal excitement leading to a national erection.

Media Matters For America

BOB BECKEL (CO-HOST): Instead of cutting every fact I've got and just saying, and laughing it off, because it's -- you know, it's four to one as it is. You might want to take some facts you don't like, because a lot of them have do with -- 
ERIC BOLLING (CO-HOST): Alright, give us one. Just give us one. 
KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE (CO-HOST): All right, look at this -- waah, waah, crybaby. Call your camp counselor. 
DANA PERINO (CO-HOST): Poor Bob, no. 
BECKEL: Call your dressmaker, I mean -- 
GUILFOYLE: And give him a raise, that's what I'm saying. That's what I'm saying. 
GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): You are giving America a raise.  
GUILFOYLE: Oh my god.

You might ask, what did Waters do?

The full interview replete with a Trump comment about a father who has a history of viewing woman similar to the Fox news model. 

It didn't seem the head of the International Money Fund found Trump's response with any level of veracity common sense. 

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