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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Happy 100 Days America

100 DAYS AI (After Ignauragtrion)

Why didn't some of Trump's rabid supporters ask him and his clan if they realize serving as president of the Unites was a job for real men or women. It is not is not a job for the spoon fed wealthy who turned their inheritance and the art of borrowing into a real estate empire.  No, the job is that of a statesperson with all requisite inner grit and wherewithal not the job of a man child.

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As we celebrate Trump's first 100 Days in the Oval Office, some should question the wisdom of their vote and the futility of their Trump celebrity worship.

USA Today


CNN 100 Days International cartoons: Link
Fact Check org: 100 Days of Unfulfillment (fro the serious reader)

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