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Thursday, April 27, 2017

House Republicans And Cadillac Insurance Coverage?

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Be aware of Republicans barring gifts!

So, you voted for the GOP this past fall. 

You are a Trump supporter.
You have ignored decades of data about GOP economic acumen, or lack thereof, at the federal level.

You may be old enough to feel almost secure with your Medicare Medical coverage.

If all above fit you, you probably don't give a damn about people who will lose medical coverage from the Ryan House. You, without a doubt, do not give a double damn about the reality of the GOP Majority in Congress developing an ACA repeal which will exclude them from all provisions of their law.  

You are a nation killing facilitator if even a few of the positions above fit you and your political paradigm.

Croosk & Liars Repost

House Republicans Exempt Themselves From Their Own Health Care Plan

In a new attempt at undermining Obamacare, Republicans got caught protecting themselves from the evils of their own creation. If you remember, Obamacare forced politicians to buy the same health insurance as the rest of America, which was a good idea. Republicans obviously feel more entitled than their constituents and introduced a new amendment Tuesday "to…

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