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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Lying Authoritarian Despots

Image result for lying politicsWhy is it authoritarian regimes have leaders who so openly and unabashed appear on camera with lies? Lies which are easily countered or lies about which we have seen irrefutable counter-evidence.

Russia's Putin recently misquoted a former US president with the famous: George W Bush "No,,,,,,Read my lips..." quote. The Russian leader spoke as such while responding to a question about cyber interference in the 2016 US General elections.

Seventeen Intel agencies have reported about Russian hacking into the RNC and DNC computer systems with subsequent releasing of information supposed detrimental to the Clinton campaign.  Reports from seventeen INTEL sources when compared against Putin's "NO", places the Russian leader squarely in the liar spotlight.

Syria's Assad recently sat for a BBC interview and openly lie, suggest and generally postulated the most ridiculous spins regarding the recent chemical attack on a Syrian city.  Where the people depicted d in the video actually poisoned Where they actually dead? 

After that exhibition, there is no need for additional comment regarding Assad's lie.

Surely knew there was more to come. 

Trump denies any involvement with Russia via himself anyone associated with him. His comments are being unclothed as bold lies and the lies are falling flat as the days past.

 We really should have approached the 2016 General Election with a greater sense of seriousness.

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