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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Media Offers Trump A Path To War

What you are about to see and hear is shameful and indicative of the jingoist nature of our nation. 

After Donald trump's slap on the wrist waste of 59 Tomahawk Missiles at an approximate value of $500,000 plus per missile (a gift to Raytheon Corp), certain male well-known conservative and semi-progressive cable news pundits and show hosts earned their paychecks via gushing over the attack.  
They gushed over the simple act of firing off the ordinance without any level of contemplation of the outcome of the launch. Syrian flew modern aircraft from the site within hours of the attack. The pundits should consider the deeper outcome of the attack over the next few weeks.  
They should also have a deep concern with the reality Trump and his Secretary of State signaled to Assad (and Putin) the US would not stand in their way (as did Barack Obama).  the Administration may very well have directly contributed to the gas attack via Assad against his citizens.
Another couple of points stand for scrutiny. 

It should be noted Trump did not bother with any consultation with the US Congress as ordained via the US Constitution. Barack Obama followed the law regardless of military need or requirement to act. Imagine the reaction for conservative American and the GOP had Obama so blatantly usurped the Constitution of the United States. Trump literally performed an illegal act.

Also think about what next should Trump's approval ratings rise as a result of the attack. It is important to recall Trump at this seems as childlike as any preteen. He and his cabal may very well accept the accolades from certain segments of media as lauding worthy of repeating. 

Watch a YouTube rerun of a Media Matters segment. 

The measure of a US President is how inclined he is to fire off ordinance!

Each person int he video who commented as if urging on a petulant child should come to the reality of their jingoism. 

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