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Monday, April 10, 2017

"Re-accomodate"; Abused Customer

Passenger described as "disruptive and belligerent."

 "I emphatically stand behind all of you."


Oscar Munoz, United Airlines CEO

$6.7 Million Per Year Munoz on earnings: Flat is good

If you hear or read the UAL flight was "overbooked" know that is not a fact. The flight was full and UAL exercised its policy of offering its flight crews seats to facilitate other flying assignments. While three passengers accepted the UAL monetary offer the physically evicted passenger apparently valued traveling to his home more important than the reported $800 payoff.

The UAL CEO has also sent a letter to Airline employees and the letter reads like a double-down scribe right out of the annuls of a Wall Street stock report.  CNBC 

The UAL CEO recently received a reward of Communicator of the Year from PR Week. During the course of the search to locate the letter to employees I found a Google search page filled with letters to employees. It appears the CEO loves to interact.   Communicator of the Year, eh?

During a recent visit to the White House with other industry executives. Munoz enjoyed a handshake with a person who may have inadvertently passed on a bit of Trump luck.

Oscar Munoz Donald Trump, Oscar Munoz united, Oscar Munoz donald trump meeting

Social  Media is bubbling over with reports the cop who dragged the injured doctor down the isle has been pace don indefinite suspension

When will the nation grow weary of heavy handed and abusive cops?

When will corporate CEOs learn readily available lessons in humility?

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