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Sunday, April 9, 2017

SNL Does Trump W/ O'Reilly Icing

I am not a Saturday Night Live viewer,. Yegt from time to time, and increasingly so now that you have given Trump the Oval Office, I check for great video on the following Sunday. Well, last night's show was apparently a good show.  The opening segment is linked below via the Daily Motion. After that segment I have embed a classic segment with Alec Baldwin spoofing both Trump and Bill (hands on) O'Reilly.

SNL 4/9 - Video Dailymotion: SNL Alec Baldwin

A great segment.

When a president offers so much material from CNL, one has to know there is trouble in the administration.

If you need perspective, AOL News offers a brief and non detailed synopsis under the umbrella of Ruppert Murdoch's Company will investigate Fox News. A concept which is a bit perplexing since Fox News and O'Reilly have issued $13 million in lawsuit settlements to five women. And that is in addition to Gretchen Carlson walking away with $13 million based on surreptitious tapes of Roger Ailes,former Fox News head, harassment. AOL News

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