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Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump "When You..." ; O'Reilly Sponsors Flee

When you are in a special place to enact a pair Executive Orders with a Trump slant on trade abuses and a reporter's questions distract. 

When you assign family members to key governmental posts, your chief presstitute should better handle reporter's questions.
The presstitute and the indefensible. What a way to earn a living. 

When you draw attention of the 

Comedy Central's The Daily Show adds to the stress. Nepotism is ugly and rarely yields positive results.

When you made the mistake of deciding to run for the US Presidency, when you pissed off the INTEL community and when you attacked credible media (and press), your closet opens very wide.

Once the closet opens, it reflects on "when you" used words as weapons. Words fed to sycophant minions who didn't (and to this day) don't seem to are about possible Russian interference in a US General Election.

Under investigation regarding "email" or under investigation for possible security breaches and election collusion.  

A marked difference, I suggest.

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Do you recall seeing the look back from the common street criminal once convicted and relegated to movement from the courtroom to his jail cell?

A marked difference a campaign makes!

When an expert speaks the truth digs deep. 

Senate Congressional Committee (former FBI Agent Clint Watts speaks)

The Washington Post recently ran a piece about the broad band (not related to cyber space) of Russia and Trump fissures.

 When you don't vote.....

A reminder that history tends to repeat itself, and we failed to provide an intervention. 

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Now how did this get into the post?

UPDATE: More sponsors Bail on O'Reilly.

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