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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The UGLY Elitist: O'Reilly and Trump Jr.

Everyone, conservative, liberal, independent, know Bill O'Reilly's role on Fox News and for the social Right.  The disgusting demagogue feeds his viewers daily doses of social feeding comparable to feeding toddlers copious amounts of baby food. From outright racism, support for use of Pepper Spray to making a woman's choice to wear a hair piece, as well as contempt for all things non-conservative, O'Reilly dishes it out.  As the number one host on Fox News, we should assume he entertains millions who lap-up his rhetoric and demagoguery like your uncle used to lap-up that gravy from his plate. 

We really do not expect common decency from the Fox News flagship host. (Note: We have avoided mention of his $13 million settlements to women who claimed sexual harassment).  However, the rational people in the nation should have an expectation of a reduced level of callousness when we see outright horrors perpetrated against a human being. The point should be viewed in a exponentially great perspective when we consider the victim did nothing to deserve abuse beyond purchase a ticket on the wrong airline.

Watch Bill O'Reilly show the inner core of an elite conservative entertainer.

Bill O'Reilly laughs at horrific video of passenger being dragged off of United flight. Then says: "I shouldn't be laughing"

You think?
— Judd Legum (@JuddLegum) April 11, 2017
While not at the level of immediate contempt as O'Reilly's daily dose of disgust, allow a brief peep into the mindset of Donald Trump's elder son.   

Why?  Trump Jr. why?

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