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Thursday, April 20, 2017

TPI Gazette: Trumpism, O'Reilly, Twitter Storm, Ted Nugent, Russia, Failing Administration

 ......Perception Counts...Non Progressive News

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He dresses her up like the ultimate shoulder candy and doesn't even have the respect to accompany the woman down a steep set of metal steps. 

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Let's start with a couple of segments of television tributes to the now "fired", O'Reilly. The segments are a bit long but good for our digestion of the O'Reilly termination.

Stephen Colbert

Trevor Noah at the 26-second mark of The Daily Show

We move now to those Twitter posts: Russia/Trump, Presser problem,  Ted Nugent (mega racist) and family privilege.

Both Putin and Trump have declared no election interference via Russian operatives and hackers.  The truth be told!

A Naval Armada

No matter the reasoning, the lies or the ineptitude, the Trump false statements about a naval armada has proven embarrassing and an indicator of an administration far from fit to lead a nation. ABC News; great read and video embed below.
We really must stay mindful of a military action launched just after Trump took office.  Someone in Trump's administration authorized a woefully inept infiltration mission into Yemen; thirty 37 civilians killed, one American navy Seal killed and an American eight-year-old killed. A mission President Obama was reported to have turned down twice prior to leaving office.

Trump Press Secretary didn't perform well today when asked about the Trump comments and false blustering.

International affairs isn't an episode of The Apprentice

NFL Champions And The White House

A reflection on the winner of the Super Bowl and NFL Championship Patriots and 2015 vs 2017 (Obama vs Trump) White House visits. Sparse crowds are following Trump around like a dirty blanket.

Cha Ching for President's wealthy daughter

The US President as a branding item for a privileged daughter.

Trump invites the nation's number one dweeb, Palin, to a White House dinner and take a look at the social garbage she joined over dinner.
No matter your political persuasion or inclination Ted Nugent is a mega-racist who is nothing shy of reprehensible. The others pictured above? You can apply your own personal adjectives (even if complimentary). 

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