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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

United Airlines: Serious Management Problems (Video)

"Corporations are people, my friend!" Mitt Romney 
(2008 Republican candidate for President)

A bad system will beat a good person every time. - W. Edwards Deming
A bad system will beat a good person every time. W. Edwards Deming

You're Not Mad at United Airlines; You're Mad at America

Before we re-visit the United Airlines "re-accommodate debacle, how about a quick run through a couple of additional cases of chronically poor management. Poor management trickles down to poor customer service. In many cases, poor customers service leads to revenues losses and litigation. Ultimately, the organization will reach to recoup its loss in a manner with which we are all too familiar: Employee reductions or layoffs.

Apparently, the airline has other skeletons in the proverbial socially inhuman and poor management closet.  

Watch a few video, Some sadly serious and others humor for sake of delivering social and corporate critical messages.

The proper way to handle clear cases of sexism, racism and other "isms."

Alas, United Airlines experienced similar problems a couple of weeks ago with two youngsters and issues related to attire.

Here is what happens when corporations fail to act with any of humanity and professionalism.

Buzz Feed

United Airlines Voluntarily Removed $1 Billion Of Market Value This Morning

Jimmy Kimmel broadcast a parody about the airlines.

I am certain Saturday Night Live will offer its version of humor at the expense of poor corporate management.

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