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Thursday, April 13, 2017

When A Nation Follows A Pathological Liar

.......Bad things soon follow.

As we hear reports of Donald Trump's massive flip-flopping over the past few days, we thought it would be worthwhile to highlight a few instances.

The only explanation for what follows is a very unstable mind.

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Trump's promise to stay in the White House instead of playing golf (as he accused President Obama of doing too much) was just another campaign lie. As the top chart shows, he has spent much more time on the golf course than any of the last three presidents in the first 81 days (or even all three of the last presidents combined).

Is it possible the common Trump voter exist without a great deal of dissonance regarding Trump's use of the maximum cache of lies during the 2016 Campaign?

Trump's unbelievable number of golf outings since taking office is one issue. Beyond the hypocrisy based on his yeas long criticism of President Obama's infrequent outings, think about the obvious lack of attention to the Presidency. There is now way any person who occupies the Oval Office can effectively delegate leading our nation off to thirty somethings.

Trump campaign against NATO ("V Putin's number two mission after managing an adversarial existence with the US.) NO MORE agaisnt NATO!
Trump against China: "Currency manipulator."  NO MORE against CHINA as a currency manipulator. 
Over-the-top pervasive campaign lies
Can a rational person actually not find cause for concern?

On more......

Before we leave the utter fallacy of Trump as US President, let's check-in with two Trump "presstitutes." Kelly Anne ("Alternate facts") Conway and Jeffrey Lord as top-of-the-line examples of purveyors of the trumpism. Politicians who win elections with a high level of dependence on the "Lie' must employee the nation's best and most prolific liars. Conway is such a consummate and effective liar, Trump overlooked her criticism against him while employed by Trump's nomination competitor Ted Cruz

Acclaimed journalist Michael Wolff recently sat for an interview with Conway. We are not posting the complete interview based on of reading the interview was pretty unremarkable until Wolff appropriately handed Conway a characterization which fits like an expensive glove. "'re the darkness."
Wolff: How personal do you take this?

Conway: How personal do I take what?
Wolff: This coverage of you … “democracy dies in darkness.” Because I’m gonna tell you when they say “democracy dies in darkness”– you are the darkness.”
Conway: I’m not the darkness. Didn’t you see the skit, “Walking on Sunshine?” Conway went on to say, It’s like I tell small children. Just because someone says something doesn’t make it true.
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When the presstitute, goes way off the rails without any regarding for the quality of character of which he worships.

 Short version
Long versions via The Raw Story
The presstitute is yet another sick manifestation of Donald J. Trump. 

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