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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

White House Egg Roll Minus Diversity?

Official 2017 White House Easter Egg Roll logo
If you followed reports of a potentially unplanned and poorly executed run-up to the traditional White House Egg Roll, you know media reported Trump's wife may have failed to execute a proper event. Someone certainly expended a great deal of planning for the event. After returning from Trump's weekly visit to Mar-A-Lago the event seemed to unfold fairly well despite a noticeably less number of attendees.  A good thing?

If you looked carefully with attention to visual reality, you may have noticed a key omission. The event was executed with stark absence of children of color and people of color. The US is a diverse nation, you may have experienced the reality of Trump and his administration of what can only be described as the embodiment of white nationalism. Whether that reality of almost no African-American, Latino nor Asian kids at the event bothers you or doesn't bother you, know that it was the reality which speaks volumes about the inner psyche and core values of Trump, his staff and million in conservative America. 

Some observers must have noticed the white-washing of the event. Washington DC school officials responded to questions from the New York Daily News as follows:
 Assistant Superintendent for the D.C. Arlington Public School District Linda Erdos.
“We never received any information for an invitation or anything this year, which we had in previous years. We realized about a week ago that nothing had come through this year, and we just assumed that it was a different administration doing things differently this year.”
 Washington Union Charter School Principal Maquita Alexander 
“I haven’t heard of anybody going this year, we certainly haven’t gotten an invitation at this school.”
  Image result for white house egg roll

Image result for white house egg roll Image result for white house egg roll

No surprise the little girl received such a prime seat at the table.

The 2016 Egg Roll, regarding planning and execution (without a consideration of national diversity), was yet another example of what happens when minorities are not regarded as having a stake (in planning, and the clout to win a seat at the table). The reality was the stark ugliness of the absence of consciousness of people of color: The invisible non-whites. 



Reminds of a time many conservatives considered the good life (1956).

Image result for black kids watching white kids play
Whites Only Playground

Take a quick look at how the Obama Administration and the Trump Administration differed in planning, event structure, guest invitations (Lottery?) and post event visuals.

I may have overlooked some faces, but I didn't see one person of color in any of Trump's White House post event images. 

If this all seems trite an immaterial, you are quite probably part of an enabling class which has a history of which, if not careful, we are doomed to repeat. Moreover it is also important to note racism isn't always manifest via Whites Only signs, and people dressed in white robes with accompanying hoods. Racism is a deeply held paradigm which is easily brought to the surface via demagogues, false prophets and facilitating social systems.

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor Blacks allowed in the Memphis Zoo without interaction with whites. 

Image may contain: 2 people, indoor (borrowed text) This was only 60 years ago in American, an icon of America pictured in a segregated situation. Let this sink into your skull!

At a segregated lunch counter in a Chattanooga, Tennessee, Elvis Presley waits for his bacon and eggs while a woman waits for her sandwich, she is not permitted to sit. 1956.

If you are not conscious of the prospect of overt racism and stifling social systems as a full blown reality born of social indifference and subtle racism from the White House, well you are an enabler. 

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