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Sunday, April 16, 2017

White Supremacist Sucker Punches Woman Protester

Work through the images and short video segments and sit for an introduction to white supremacy with a dose of woman abuse.

An antifa woman was sucker punched pretty hard by a white supremacist. 


The far right are usually violently condescending toward women & afab people. In  @NathanDamigo

Nathan Damigo, a white supremacist member of the "alt-right" movement suckwr punhed the woman protetesr. While all media are reporting that the video doesn't allow for scrutiny of what led up to the sucker punch, I really must ask. Really?  Is there really relevance in what led up to the sucker punch. published a piece with Damigo as the central (disgusting) theme.

Your Donald Trump vote and support for Trumpism was a catalyst to such movements. 

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