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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Yes, Trump And Company Vetted Flynn (VIDEO)

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Sometimes I really don't understand Rachel Maddow and her production teams' need to have extra long introductions to segments which at times run along 20 minutes. I suspect her production team has to use the full hour (excluding commercial time) and has a need to start segments with what at times seems quasi-relevant and too long segment teasers.  In other words, there are times when a viewer can skip the first few minutes of Maddow's "A" Block segments and still follow the meaning of the piece. The following pic is one such piece.  Before you recoil as if to strike like an angry Spitting Cobra, know that Maddow is the absolute best of cable TV news hosts and her production team is the very best.  So, no need to write and attempt to post a nasty retort in the protection of our liberal host favorite.

Yes, the trump transition Team vetted Flynn as much as they wished and no more. The first 3:50 minutes of this segment...well, your choice.

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ABC News and the Mike Flynn Russian Timeline:

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