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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Day In The Life Of Trump (The Fifth, Israel, Russian INTEL)

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Radical Islamist

Yesterday after news of the Manchester concert terror attack.

July 2016...

Trump sure didn't call the terrorists, "Radical Islamic Terrorists."
“I won't call them monsters, because they would like that term. They would think that’s a great name."
Another campaign conservative "rebel yell' which seems to have dissipated like drops of water on a sunny day sidewalk. And, no groundswell of angst for people who so loved the mantra as key to campaign Trumpism.

Trump digs himself in deeper

Have you ever heard the old joke of two criminals caught while perpetrating a burglary? Well, take a minute.

Two burglars broke into a retail store to steal items and pilferage the cash register. Police arrived, the burglars panicked and attempted to hide. One burglar was found hiding and as he and the headed out police left the retail store, the burglar said, "hold on a minute." The burglar asked to be led to a trap door to the basement of the establishment. Once at the trap door, he told the police to open the door. After the door swung open the burglar yelled: "Come on up man, we are caught."

Trump's out of no place yelping four times about not using the word "Israel"  regarding his divulging highly classified INTEL.
I believe I recall a presidential candidate mentioning a block of Trump supporters she called "deplorables."  The comment undoubted cost Hilary Clinton a few votes, yet we are seeing Trump's "D" people oozing around with their Red Trump caps.  

Video only...Yes this is that speicers referrd to as "deplorable."

Pushback, pushback and ignore possible collusion with Putin

Taking The Fifth

As Trump's choice to lead the nation's highest INTEL and Security agency (the NSC) works to avoid cooperation with Congressional investigationsnto possible election collusion between Trump's campaign and Putin's international operatives, Mike Flynn's former boss (Trump) is coming unglued. Herewith is another case of Trump's carnival barking shysterism regarding Clinton's home email server as a catalyst for campaign mantra about her staffers enacting their Fifth Amendment rights against possible self-incrimination.

We await today's embarrassment, missteps and reality show intrigue.

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