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Thursday, May 4, 2017

CNN Lauds Trump's Health Care Repeal Rose Garden Show

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Despite the expectation broadcast media would universally play up the optics, we should remind ourselves of the potential flack from the signing of the bill as time passes.  Are we really so celebrity TV (worshiping)  and short-term in our psyches we celebrate without regard for the reality of potentially millions will lose healthcare coverage should the Senate pass the bill as is?   

Let's place this image here for future reference:

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While the vote completed with 227 Republicans willing to cast votes to flush you health coverage down the House chamber toilet (or the White House toilet if you prefer), let's save the image when the vote reached its threshold requisite votes.

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CNN political director and Brooke ("Obama didn't have the guts to bomb Syria") Baldwin relish in Trumpcare optics.

CNN's Jeff Zellney offers up glowing praise for Trump via metaphorical reference to a victory lap. 

Wonder if the network will report on reaction to the bill passage from concerned citizens, the insurance industry and businesses which will now have the OK to reduce costs via moving away from providing medical coverage for its employees.

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