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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Deplorables, Xenophobes, Racists, Bigots, et al Buoyed By Trump

Do You Have A Bit Of Time For A Racist Parade?

Yes, there are millions in America who fit Hillary Clinton's campaign characterization of "deplorable." While many felt Clinton shouldn't have made issued the comment, I diametrically disagree. If the people you observe and hear below are not called out or handled legally, the nation's deplorable: factions will proliferate, propagate and contaminate

Let's take a video journey and watch a few "deplorbales" at work.

I assume the man in this first video felt a level of comfort which is dangerous to his own health. His existential reality as a person who is physically challenged, even if temporary, may give him both the feeling no one will smack the hell of out him or a level of comfort with being emotionally disturbed with a wheelchair crutch. In any case, his racism is over the top. Yes, he is a "deplorable".

Of course, we can not assume he is a Trump deplorable as his little red cap is not visible. We can. however, assume he is not a person who is tolerant of cultures other than English speaking cultures.  as is always the case, the conservative will say, "...but you have no evidence he is a Trump deplorable."  Question: Do you think the man in the following is liberal or progressive (if you prefer) who is tolerant of people other than English speaking white people? 

The Airport Bandit Deplorable

CNN Version

The Grocery Store "Deplorable" 

She patrols the aisles with latent tendencies to seek out that which bothers her: anything based on the moment. The unfortunate situation in the following is she can feed her personal misery with racism.  Racism which probably guides ever every moment (even while dreaming) and is easily deployed in this time of Trump and his GOP. Yes, she is a "deplorable"

The "My Country" racist who is so afflicted with white privilege she can not see the ugliness of her overall being.
Racist Woman Goes Off On Spanish Worker 'i Ain't Scared Of No Sp*c, This Is My F**king Country' - FlyHeight

Yes, she is a "deplorable"

The Texas Beach Racist

While being booked..the racist often resorts to life as that of a toddler. during his intoxicated rants replete with racist instincts he harassed the Arabic beach goers with railings about Donald Trump. I guess Trump didn't help him through his booking moments. 

Yes, he is a "deplorable"

Wish someone would develop an insecticide for this garbage. Seeing too many of them. Put them asleep on contact and dissolve their little hats.

Washington Post backstory: Link.
Yes, he is a "deplorable"

Racist Party Harassers

The 2016 Georgia truck and flag harassers of a black family in a public park celebrating a little boy's 8th birthday. What comes next is the level of ignorance imbued in racism and how it can via laws in some states lead to prison sentences. The husband and wife in the next act of deplorable America fell victim to Georgia's Street Gang Act.  

ABC Chicago

Watching the two people agonize and suffer through sentencing may have touched you, garnered empathy and may have brought forth sympathy towards their plight. Well, actions at times have equal, and often more, substantial reactions.

Yes, Hillary Clinton referred to them as "deplorable." Of course not all Trump voter are deplorable by any measure, but we are seeing the "D" ones as each week passes.

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