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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Illusive Republicans And The "I" Word

When a political party avoids broadcast media, you know they are doing so for a reason. We suspect Trump's insanity and ineptitude when coupled with his serial lying, provides an impetus for GOP politicians to avoid any statements about Trump.

Image result for GOP hiding cartoonWhile the reason for their avoidance has to do with their dedication to party and their personal political credibility, there is another reason to avoid the truth, to avoid doing the right thing, to avoid the ramifications of their unfit leader. They are also running from a rabid base within their party. A base which is willing to overlook each and every indication of a president who is so unfit for the office, he should consider resigning. Yes, I know people who proudly traipsed to their polling places to cast that Trump (celebrity) vote. They bought the Trump carnival barking and they voted. Trump promised them the world (according to their twisted (paradigm)l he has delivered nothing worthwhile. He satisfies a need in those who voted for him; he entertains them. Oh, certainly provides daily entertainment which is common to successful reality TV celebrities, but the matter governance simply isn't part of the Trump experience.

About those Republicans who refuse to speak of Trump's daily troubles (especially the recent report of a Comey memo)

Media Matters is reporting noted journalist and TV personality Charlie Rose and his production tram received 20 refusals to appear from GOP politicians. 

Trump supporters have to wonder if their choice of president is good for the nation.  Even the most avid supporters seem to have less faith in their national messiah as indicated by dwindling poll numbers.

Reagan and George H W Bush Era Republican official and CNN contributor, David Gergen.

The "I" word?

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