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Friday, May 12, 2017

Kansas And The White House To Study Voter Fraud? (Seriously?)

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Donald Trump failed to win the 2016 popular vote. Trump has shown signs of irritation about no winning the popular vote, since late November 2016, once all official ballot counts came to a close. The final reports of Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote by 2.84 million votes spoils Trump's ego driven mania via no opportunity to lie about an overwhelming mandate victory. 

When we have less talk and Russia and less talk about Trump Keystone Cop Administration, trump will infrequently yelp about 3 million illegal immigrants votes. Notice Trump's choice of number "3 million", when Clinton won the popular vote by 2.84 million votes.

NPR recently ran a piece about the State of Kansas (a major Red State) and a move to enact a voter fraud study.  It seems the White House also has an interest in digging into "vote"  metaphorical abyss which may very well house a landmine.  

Why the comment about a land mine?

Visit one of the following leaks, if you do not have time to visit with each link, the US is not a country in which voter fraud actually exist to the level of a study. In fact, recent studies have yielded GOP supporters more often perpetuate forms of illegal voting. 

The Washington Post


Do you see the problem with Kansas and Trump's desire to commission a voter fraud study? If you don't see the problem you really did not visit either of the provided links. Also inherent in your lack of interest in veracity regarding the issue, you may be an enabler of Trump's serial lying and his appearance as unhinged, erratic and devolving into an embarrassing mush.

If Trump sanctions an investigation into voter fraud, how about the reality of you know he would appoint a person with a history of voter inappropriateness. Link.

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