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Saturday, May 6, 2017

KIller Cop Charged With Murder

                                                         Roy Oliver
This photo provided by the Parker County Sheriff's Office shows Roy Oliver. Oliver, a police officer, faces a murder charge in the shooting of a teenager after being fired earlier in the week over the incident, authorities said.

Child killer cop.  A story you will not see on cable news networks, national news networks nor will the story go widespread on social media. We are too consumed with Trumpism and watching the neo-US national reality show for coverage of non-ratings laden stories which reinforce Black Lives Matter. 


After shooting into a moving car and killing a 15-year-old who among others were leaving a party which had become rowdy, Oliver stated he fired at a car which was approaching him "in an aggressive manner." A review of police camera video revealed Oliver issued a false story which parallels the story of other cops who have wantonly killed people and lived to kill or abuse against when Police cameras were not official law enforcement equipment.

" an aggressive manner."  How different is that than: "...he grabbed my gun." Or, the more prevalent cop defense of: "I felt threatened." 

Oliver has been charged with Murder as such:

 "intended to cause serious bodily injury and commit an act clearly dangerous to human life that caused the death." 


I am convinced that US police departments can hire better, better training and monitor their squads much more effectively.

I believe it was the Dallas Police Department which suffered the shooting of a few officers via a deranged suicide by police African-American. There was no shortage of coverage and words of condolences from all corner of the nation including the black community. Yet we can not find national news coverage of one of the most heinous cop crimes since the New York City strangulation murder, the  Minneapolis police murder, Ferguson and other well-publicized cop killings. 

Is it possible, the picture atop this piece makes you feel sad for (or about) Oliver charges? Well, if that is the case you really should run a self-evaluation of yourself for vestiges of human decency and fairness.  

UPDATE: The Cop's lawyers have been busy. We are seeing his defense will be war-related PTSD. Well, how about the reality of: "Why was he on a police force?" Surely, if the defense strategy is accurate, his family knew about this mental state  What manifestation of PTSD was the family experiencing?  

The defense develops and the deceased 15-year-old and his family are at the mercy of accommodating judges and wily defense attorneys along with inept prosecutors. 

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