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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Public Thrashing Of The Unprepared And Disinterested (Leaks VS Putin)

Image result for senate hearingsShouldn't GOP committee members who poses questions at the frequent GOP public hearing spend much more time in pre-hearing preparation? The singular GOP mission yesterday was to move the dialog over to "Who leaked to the Washington Post?" Imagine the professionalism of he witnessed (drilled by the conservatives) to avoid asking the Senators a key question: "What would we have had the Washington Post not been alerted of Ms. Yates or my visits to the White House?"

Why do Republicans do this? First the short version.

Long version, if you prefer.

Another Texas lecturer got sent home for more homework via his target.

Ted Cruz and his turn at the whipping block.
Don't these MEN know those people seated behind Yates are probably lawyers or staff who worked to prepare her for each contingency?  

And, how did the White House react to the public thrashing via Yates?

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