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Friday, May 12, 2017

Russians In The Oval Office; US Press Barred; TASS Invited

There are times when based on copyright policy and, or personal time, I offer you no comment posts from social media.

If you are aware of this week's meeting between Trump and the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov (and Russian Ambassador-recruiter and spy operative Sergey Kislyak), you know two points, well maybe three, important items.

First, we have read reports US media was banned from the White House courtesy photo ops and, or, the Oval Office.

Second, and let me restate. Russian officials and TASS (a Kremlin news agency) entered the Oval Office, took pictures, partook in conversation and subsequently published the pictures for international and propaganda purposes and viewing. 

Third, imagine Barack Obama (President Obama) barring US reporters from the Oval Office dignitary photo shoots. Moreover, imagine Obama meeting with the Russian diplomat period; a man known for serving in Russian INTEL operations in the US. We acknowledge all diplomats from all countries probably have an intelligence gathering and recruiting role.  But, in the Oval Office?  

Fourth, how about the INTEL prospect of a reporter of the diplomat affixing a listening evidence in Trump's quarters? Of course, you don't believe Putin would order nor accept such INTEL gathering opportunities.

Final point, Have you seen the video of the Russian Foreign Minister joking about the firing of the US FBI Director? 

A Russian Foreign Minister allowed to quip about an integral part of the US counter INTEL community being released by a President who is under investigation for possible collusion during the 2016 campaign? Alas, the State Department Head, Tillerson, accompanied the joking Soviet. 

Time to visit with a piece from Think Progress.
On Wednesday, President Trump met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at the White House. Now the administration is “furious” that TASS, the Russian state-owned news agency, has published photos of the meeting.
WH furious over Russian government photos of Trump meeting with Lavrov/Kislyak. "They tricked us," an official said of Russians "They lie."
8:13 AM - 11 May 2017 ·
WH did not anticipate Trump/Lavrov/Kislyak photos would be posted by TASS, official said. 8:16 AM - 11 May 2017
There’s no shortage of theatrics leading up to the White House’s reactions. 
First, the meeting was only supposed to be with Lavrov. Only Lavrov was scheduled to be in attendance, and only Lavrov was mentioned in the official White House readout of the meeting. Thus, it’s only because of the Russian agency’s photos that the public knows Kislyak was also present.
Read more. Link

All said, Trump and company claims TASS and the Soviets (Excuse the Freudian Slip) the Russians effectively duped them. Interesting what could have been the motive for Trump agreeing to bar US reporter while accommodating Russian supporters.He actually delivered on of the largest "butt-sucking" smiles I have en on the man since he declared as a candidate in 2015.

While the matter of being "duped" or lied to could be in and of itself a lie, there is a much greater issue. Does Trump not realize he is operating in an arena as leader of the world's most powerful military that "duping" and being lied to are integral to winning adversarial challenges, battles and the greater wars? Is it possible he doesn't recognize subterfuge is a great equalizer with regarding to potential use of nuclear devices? 

It is impossible to think the US INTEL community hasn't briefed Trump and his cabal on the psychology, methodology and mindset of Vladimir Putin. 

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