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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Daily GIP Ignominious: Comey Fired Via TV Monitor; Russian Foreign Minister Arrives Next Day

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A planned termination while the FBI director was meeting with Field directors and on the opposite coast. Cmey found out about his firing via a television monitor in the meeting room he thought initially it was a sick joke. How crass and unprofessional and indecent? 
Wait Trump's stooge AG spoke vey differently a few months ago. 

Here is the real deal regarding the Come firing.
Twitter (Joy ANN Reid)
Lest we forget?

Grand jury issues subpoenas, President fires the FBI director. This is corruption.
You know, I know and the world knows why Comey was fired. The amazing aspect of it all is the lack of uproar from conservatives, the GOP and the lack of interest in conservative media. 

If you need more evidence of a fix or a cover up regarding Russia, knwo the firing took place the day before the Russian Foreign Minister arrived at the White House.

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