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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Kimmel And Insensitive Conservatives

We visited the following topic yesterday. We are revisiting because we are seeing and reading the additional response from American conservatives to Kimmel's 13-minute monologue (of which we are posting 2- minutes).

And what follows speak to the inner core of the GOP and millions across the United States who consider themselves conservatives.

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On a day when we find out the US Congress has approved an additional $120 million to security 45 and his slime parade, Joe Walsh tweeted as such.

If you feel Joe Walsh is an outlier and a fiendish demagogue, we offer a well known and very public CNN contributor, Matt Lewis, who virtually speaks as does Walsh with less venom. Nonetheless, the message is the same.  

Can imagine Jimmy Kimmel and his baby in an emergency room? Actually, can you imagine anyone with a potentially dying just born infant in an emergency room?

Making a point here about mindset and inhumanity. A GOP member of the House exercises utter ignorance and insensitivity regarding the misfortune of a pre-existing condition via exhorting moving to another state (if the current GOP ACA repeal is passed through congress). Move to another state? No regard for home ownership, rental leases, support networks, family, nor (and more importantly) possible employment?

Let's visit with Talking Points Memo and the irrational rhetoric of another GOP member of the US House of Representatives: Congressman Robert Pittenger.

Alabama Congressman took his contempt for life a bit farther:

Republican Congressman suggests poor people don't deserve healthcare for not leading 'good lives' via @YahooNews


These are very sick people and the very reason I work to avoid them at all cost; not just members of Congress. I try to divest myself of interactions with conservatives period. If I have a conservative friend, it is a remote affiliation and it does not involve talk of social issues or politics. Such interactions or talk would without question expose our respective content for each other's inner core and ideology; thus we cross a line. Once. we cross that line and reveal ourselves as diametrically opposite, I fade away.

Most conservatives will not stand with us on behalf of fair and equitable treatment or the quest for a high quality of life for all on any issue. They will cloak in their Any Rand paradigm and snuggle in their... it is all about them and damn those who don't matter-psyche.

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