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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Why Has Trump Never Mentioned Abe Lincoln?

Actually, the title question is rhetorical. Most people know exactly why Trump has never mentioned Abe Lincoln. 

Abe Lincoln isn't a historic icon for white nationalist.

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Yes, someone created a caricature of Donald Trump's recent comment about his hero Andrew Jackson and his misguided (well actually, ignorant) remarks about the Civil War. The image about pokes fun at the nation's 45th President while also delivering a poignant statement about Trump's mentality and cognitive processes. The lined paper mocking however is not the too for proper depiction of Trump as a socially regressive racist.

Listen as Trump speaks on a Sirus radio show.

The shame of it all is so engrossing and encompassing. We are forced to guess less and less about Trump's mentality and social paradigm. Since, Trump is known as a non-reader, we may be able to accurately assume he is being coached like a grade school student in revisionist history by noted racist and white supremacists Steve Bannon. 

If you have about 10 minutes and didn't see the following segment on MSNBC's The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, give the segment a viewing.  

During a week in which Trump crossed the line of rational acceptability via quasi-praise of Kim Jung Un, the prospect of inviting the Philippine President to the White House and enacting a congratulatory call to Turkeys evolving dictator.

Another consideration, since I was front and center about Trump's inclination an tendencies of his inner circle.

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While a far less serous matter than Trumps communication week, it should be noted the latest of Trump's addition to the White House Press corp.

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