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Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Phoniness And Fakery Of Trump (Fox News Caught Propagandizing)

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Now for the classic example of "mind police" propaganda its. If you recall during the Obama administration, Fox News, CNN and other media sought every opportunity to criticize President Obama whenever he visited a foreign land. The most often criticism was leveled when the president sought to respect culture and customs which at times meant a slight respectful bow. Fox News was the leader of the pack in drudging Obama through the minds of its sycophant Fox Heads.

Watch, Fox News's motor-mouthed Pirro show the extent of Fox News as a propagandist outlet. During an interview with Trump's number one 'presstitute" Kellyanne Conway, the Fox News camera angle caught the propagandists hand signaling to cut the live feed (or video) when the visuals moved to Trump leaning over during A Saudi state traditional head-of-state medal award and enactment. 

Pirro's hidden efforts to shield Trump from any form of criticism, at least via her show visuals, is a sure sign of the phoniness and mind-shaping inherent in all Fox News other than the show with Shepard Smith as host. Actually, Pirro's hand signals are far more manipulative than standard talking head propaganda. 

On another point, did you happen to notice the level and depth of Trump's orange skin makeup during the Saudi visit? Why do white (male) Republicans so very much work to mask their actual skin tone?

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