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Friday, May 5, 2017

Trumpcare The Found 217 Of the House Of OZ


Here they are the GOP and US Congress National health law killers:  The Founding Fathers of Trump card. People who could have followed a path of decency in doing the right thing by making their bill better healthcare bill.

The Founding 217
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Let's keep these names for 2018.

Among the founding 217, lies California's Darrell (admitted felon) Issa. While no surprise we can only hope voters in Issa's district recall he is a 100% supporter of all things Trump. Despite his very intentional avoidance of being pictured near Trump at the Trump/Ryan Rose Garden celebration of yesterday.
Oh, Issa you only won re-election by two (2) points and Clinton won the district by eight (8) points. What price lock-step devotion to Republicanism?

This post wouldn't be complete if we did not visit with one of Ryan's top operatives: House Whip, Republican Steve Scalise. Earlier today liberal radio host, Bill Press, helped the early morning news audience why republicanism is as shallow as a tin container of shoe polish.

Speaking of healthcare and "shallow", do you think Donald Trump doesn't know Australia has a health care system which far more mimics the Affordable Care Act?

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