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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

TrumpIsm: When Warned And You Fail To Respond

Trump is the Rattlesnake you failed to respect and avoid.

Do you remember the following appearance on Air Force One with his "arm candy" prominently displayed? It is all about the show.
Of course, rational viewers knew Trump was flying when he brandishing his wife for the public while hiding as if in a closet offering up a lie. Let's move on since we know Trump lies well over 80% of the time regarding his body of statements and communication. 

There are times when we learn lessons as a child, have the lessons reinforced as we grow older and experience ensues, and when we are fully developed those early lessons of adherence to those lessons pays off.

What did we learn for loving parents, siblings friends, and school about potential interaction with this animal?

Related image If we heeded the lessons we could possibly go through life and never have a bad experience with one of nature'ss more beautiful creatures.  We didn't have to learn the hard way to give this animal more than enough space for safe passage (your safe passage).  You listened and you absorbed and incorporated the lesson.
Yesterday afternoon Sally Yates appeared before a Senate Committee with "face-on" while delivering eloquent and sophisticated testimony of her warning to the Trump cabal.

WAPO piece with full transcript: Link.

You may want another look at the level of competency and professionalism as Yates dealt with the entrapping Ted Cruz. Do you really believe for on second Yates didn't know the details of the statute quoted by Cruz. She had to know he would go there and immediately consulting her notes clearly indicated she would throw Cruz's metaphorical IED (Improvised Explosive Device) back into his smug face. Cruz was ensnared by a deep constitutional law mind; he and his staff must have suffered a tsunami butt-pucker.

Watch again as the IED heads back to Cruz: link (30 seconds).

If you need to see the two minute interaction again, here you go.

What we have is a Trump problem.

Trump's party leadership is spreading the Trump (metastasizing) cancer throughout the ranks of the GOP.  If Trump had heeded the warnings, via Yates, from the INTEL community, yesterday would not have led to public statements which shed additional light on Trump's mindset, possible coziness with Putin and it would not have shown Ted Cruz as a Rattlesnake who cannot effectively set a witness back on their heels. 

If you didn't watch the hearing of yesterday, know that another noted GOP regressive blew himself up via his own IED questioning. The last 60 seconds of the video is most relevantSince real life doesn't have a dream sequence/flashback feature, I made this. #SallyYates

Herewith is the bottomline, on Trump's damage to his party, his administration and the now wounded Ted Cruz.

Why do Republicans so love public committee hearing when they challenged obvious more intellectually gifted and learn ed professionals and experts?

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