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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Trumponomics: "America We Have A Budget Problem"

Image result for trump failed economic planMake no mistake. Trump/Ryan's Budget (tax plan) is a dead give-away to the nation's wealthier top 20 percent. You and I both know we have been down this path before and it is path of sure doom over time: Reaganomics.  

Even when separated by less drastic supply-side administrations, and when coupled with a banking blunder via the Clinton administration, Reagan's Trickle-down proved to be a disastrous economic strategy. Of course, Bush "Dubya" era non-regulation and two wars helped to level the nation to its economic knees. Nonetheless, we shouldn't underestimate to lack of leadership acumen inherent in Donald Trump. He is a walking case of ineptitude who serves as a figurehead for much more sinister people (e.g., Bannon, and his economic team).

Take a deep look at Trump/Ryan's Trumponomics.

Since most of you didn't spend but a quick glance at the graphic, you should know the Trump/Ryan Plan includes a $2 Trillion dollar lie. Some are calling the "lie" a math mistake. I shudder to that assertion with a great deal of indifference and non-belief.

On another front, the lying Budget Director Mulvaney ran up against South Carolina's fiscal conservative Mark Sanford and was summarily labeled the bearer of a "lie" regarding potential 3% GDP as a benefit of Trumponomics. 
Sanford To Mulvaney (3:33 Minutes)

The Big Lie!

Before we leave this post, take a glance at one of Trump's absolute "nut job" cabinet.  

Did you vote for this mess?

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