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Monday, May 1, 2017

Trump's "Fake News": FOXPEN (Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network); Watching Kushner


Last night, while avoiding his failed First 100 Days, Trump avoided appearing at the Washington Correspondents Dinner. He literally ran off to Pennsylvania and hosted a crowd of supporters and deplorable(s). Yes, the crowd included deplorable people who continue to yell "Lock her up" (in reference to Clinton's email issues) while Trump's managers spend hours each day working to ward-off a Russian/Trump electoral scandal which on a daily basis is reaching deeper into the White House. He ran off to a safe audience and continued spewing lie after lie to people who do no are about being lied to as much as they drink water or consume food. Actually, many in the crowd seemed to relish Trump's platform oratory (replete with lies and inept reading from a teleprompter) on an equal level to their physical need for food and water. Let's face it they must regular feed their right-wing paradigm; hence, the success of Fox News. 

One such very obvious lie was Trump's rant about filling campaign promises.

Miami CBS local affiliate

“We are keeping one promise after another and the people are really happy about it,” Trump said to the crowd.
The enthusiastic crowd cheered familiar themes from the president.

“Media outlets like CNN and MSNBC are fake news,” he said.
Yes, of course, promise after promise fulfilled.  Trump is a small man in a job which is far too big for him. He has, in the past likened himself to Superman (if he fulfills his promises), well Harwood says it best.

Noted journalist and opinion writer, John Harwood, should get full credit for keyboarding the quote of the week.


....Candidate Trump also insisted that, by force of his negotiating skill, he could fulfill those vows quickly where predecessors had failed. When I reminded him in a Speakeasy interview that America doesn't have Superman presidents, he replied jauntily: "You will if you have Trump. You watch." 
If his first 100 days have made anything clear it is this: That wasn't true. 
In the Oval Office, in fact, Trump looks less like Superman and more like Professor Marvel in that "Wizard of Oz" scene when Dorothy peers behind the curtain to see that Oz isn't so great and powerful after all. Trump is a talented salesman with the world's biggest microphone, but he has no experience making government work and precious few aides to help him learn how.
What happens when an egomaniacal billionaire wins an election to the US Presidency while leaving a clear path of lies, politicking promises and flat-out political manipulation? What happens? 

Trump was assessed by credible not having the wherewithal for the US presidency. "Wherewithal" is a unique and often strategic used word to denote a few human traits the person either possesses to a great degree, has to possess to achieve success or the person traits the person fails to possess (e.g., Cognitive acumen, an ability to accomplish tasks [skills], competence in achieving goals).  

Propaganda ensues. The President and his handlers operate from a total platform of working to promulgate the false reality of a successful first 100 Days in the White House. And, the strategy works well with people who live in safe little bubbles while harboring no interest in what takes place outside of that bubble. As long as what happens doesn't reach into their safe space, they are happy Americans. It also works among people who are gullible to the more, or with people who so consume themselves with worshipping stars and celebrities, the purveyor of the propaganda has an ease mission.  

Trump is the classic example, surpassed only by few in the history humankind. Two such benefactors of mind shaping propaganda come to mind: Adolf Hitler and a much more nascent benefactor: Donald Trump. Neither of whom could have successfully reached the level of leaders of nations without dedicated, competent and loyal information ministers;(with skilled support organizations). 

The Trump misinformation campaign continues at this very minute. We find a more validating example via depiction of Hitler's Minister of Communication (and propaganda). 

A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth - Joseph Goebbels

Trump has a few such purveyors of lies and misinformation. Not one, however, surpassed the breadth and scope of FOXPEN (Fox Entertainment And Propaganda Network). Hugh Hewitt, Mark Levine, Rush Limbaugh, Hannity and Tucker Carlson have their place in Trump's misinformation machine, but Fox News stands atop the pack like excrement above the water level in the toilet. 

Trump's propagandist cable news network, Fox News, recently aired what has to be the most insulting set of graphics outside of a presentation of a poor cartoon.  While Trump supporters and the majority of Fox News viewers may have absorbed the misleading graphics, rational Americans can see through the propaganda.  In fact, I don't even believe Joseph Goebbels would have lowered his craft to the gauche level of what follows. 

While airing "fake news" graphics of comparisons of Trump's first 100 days in office to other presidents network producers and developers came up with the following. We have intermixed two Fox graphics with charts which directly refute Fox News misleading presentation. Basically, Fox leveraged real numbers without proper recognition of the economic abyss of the final year of Bush Administration. 

First, a comparison graphic of the US Dow Jones Industrial Average performance during times of economic strife. A close review of the chart shows the Obama Administration reverse the ravages of a deep recession over a much short time period than the lingering comparisons of the late 1930s recession. The red trend lines embarked on a sharp upward trend while the comparison period experienced a roller coaster-like downward spiral.   

The first Fox graphic represents a visual representation of unemployment data which really shouldn't be used if producers valued accuracy in reporting.  Trump's time in the Oval Office is within a period of economic performance (recovery) derived by Obama Administration policies. The US unemployment rate moved for Bush up to very close to 10 percent and was lowered via job creation during Obama's last six years to below five percent. 

Use of the graphic also allows Fox mind-shapers to manipulate the visual without any reference to the Obama Stimulus which contributed to the sharp decline in the red trend line.

Unemployment as the nation moved towards Trump's decision to run in 2016

Fox News
Jobless rate after first 3 months: Trump vs. Obama vs. Bush vs. Clinton.
4:34 PM - 29 Apr 2017

You might notice two very important aspects of the chart below. The charted years of 2008/2009 are stark in the depiction of the Obama Stimulus and its almost immediate counter to the Bush's economic hemorrhaging. The opposite side of the chart offers the stark reality of the state of unemployment as Trump came to his decisions to seek the 2016 GOP nomination.

Fox producers took their propaganda a step further.  The second chart below illustrates the reality of Obama's first 100 days as a mission to reduce the loss of jobs at the end of the Bush years. Remember, we saw months of jobs losses from 450,000 to 800,000 job losses per month. 

View image on Twitter
Jobs added during first 2 months - Trump vs. Obama vs. Bush vs. 

If you really need visuals related to this Fox News graphic, we offer a couple of charts.

Image result for george bush great recession

Notice February through March (early April) 2009.

Image result for george bush great recession

FOXPEN so abuses the minds and psyches of people who tune into their broadcasts.

Image result for Fox News toilet heads
The watching Eyes Of Kushner

Let's foray into another Trump dynamic for a moment.  Have ever noticed the extent to which his son-in-law maintains almost constant eye contact?

I once watched and heard Rachel Maddow comment about the appearance of Trump's ever present son-in-law while Trump's Mar-A-Lago party group (cabinet) sat in a temporary situation room to review the aftermath of Trump's 59 Cruise missile (in honor of Assad and Putin) fireworks show on an emptied Syrian air base. Maddow's take on the Kushner gaze in the large image below was something akin to young guy worship, reverence for the billionaire, or maybe a form of sucking up or reverence based interaction with his father-in-law.  

While neither Maddow, her team, nor I am experts in human behavior, I find a few images of Kushner behold his father- in-law not so base in reverence. It seems Kushner seems to watch Trump so closely the possibility of necessary scrutiny should also be on the table. Is Kushner watching Trump so closely due to the families knowledge the aged Trump needs close scrutiny? While purely conjecture, does the son-in-law know or recognizes signs of Trump's behavior which may denote a less than stable state (albeit temporary)?  

Image result for kushner watching trump oval office Image result for kushner watching trump oval office

Image result for kushner watching trump oval office

Worth watching.

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