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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Trumps in Saudi Arabia, Phoniness, Hypocrisy, Leveraging The White House

The Trump Newsreel: The Road Show...Seriously?

The Propagandist!

Did the nascent GOP party leader once comment about the aftereffects of a Clinton win?
Speaking of this propagandist.....

Watch, Fox News's motor-mouthed Pirro show the extent of Fox News as a propagandist outlet. During an interview with Trump's number one 'presstitute" Kellyanne Conway, the Fox News camera angle caught the propagandists hand signaling to cut the live feed (or video) when the visuals moved to Trump leaning over during A Saudi state traditional head-of-state medal award and enactment. 

Pirro's hidden efforts to shield Trump from any form of criticism, at least via her show visuals, is a sure sign of the phoniness and mind-shaping inherent in all Fox News other than the show with Shepard Smith as host. Actually, Pirro's hand signals are far more manipulative than standard talking head propaganda. The hand signal also showed the level of disconnect between Pirro and her production team as well as Pirro's message desperation regardless of camera angle

While riling up US nationalism and bigotry, A campaign stop (or many stops) found Trump doing this.
How bout a 1.5-year outright case of phoniness and validation of lying for attention and to stage his run for the White House?

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When one doesn't care to even attempt to hide their phoniness the last thing we need is that person in the Oval Office.


Didn't we have a case not long ago after sitting at Mar-A-Lago near the Chinese leader, Ivanka received quick approval of enterprise rights in the world's most populated nation?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting similar cronyism and favorable business hand-offs from the UAE, Saudis and other middle eastern monarchs.

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