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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Trump's Number Two Talking Head Vs. Anderson Cooper (And A Glance At Trumpism On The Beach)

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When the Trump inner cabal sends its number two "presstitute" out to speak with media after an unfathomable event, the interaction is noteworthy.

Anderson Cooper suffered the displeasure of exposure to a professional liar who exhibits the optics of a deep sea Anglerfish (not only physical appearance). 

Huffington Post posted the full 13-minute interview with a series of noteworthy Cooper non-verbal reactions.

GIF One:

GIF Two:

Additional GIFs are viewable here. In order to fully appreciate the HUFFPO piece you really should visit the link to know Cooper's question and hear Conway's in some cases written responses.

Brief Digression and a look at Trumpism.

During the 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton used the word "deplorable (s); do characterize a sizable portion of Trump's supporters. While PC America shuddered at the thought, recognize her metaphor was point-on. Herewith is an example of such.

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