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Monday, May 15, 2017

Trump's Oval Office Hobnob With Russian International Operatives

Do you recall this?

Paul Ryan speaking on behalf of Trump against Clinton as the GOP successfully deployed "do not Trust Hillary" strategy.  
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W/top Russian Spy  Russian spy, Sergey Kislyak
In the Oval Office with barred US Press and photographers

" I get great briefings, isn't that great?"

After the visit, we have a few matters to consider. First, Trump and company claimed they were duped and Russia's TASS news released images without Trump's approval What the hell did Trump and company think would happen with these photos? Did they feel TASS would only conduct a private Putin oozfest about his top US spy hobnobbing with the gullible Trump? Or, is Trump and company lying about being duped. 
What came next was no surprise. The White House denies shared classified INTEL.  
Your social vote  for Trump, your third party vote or your non-vote in 2016 is bringing our house down.

Putin oozfest about his top US spy hobnobbing with the gullible Trump. Or, is Trump and company lying about being duped? After all which transpired with Trump's consorting with an adversarial nation via hosting top emissaries (one a known Russian spy), wouldn't you expect more to the story?

MSNBC also reported ob the Washington Post article. 

Trump again stumbles, his White House and cabinet circles the wagons, broadcast and social media come alive...and we are certain Putin is loving it. His money stooge is paying dividends. 

CNN host Anderson Copper with former CIA operate Phil Mudd: Mudd isn't buying MCMaster's comments.


Members of Congress, at least Democrats, are also coming alive.

Senator Tom Udall (D-NM)

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) 

If you find Trump's Keystone Cop meandering pathetic, what actions are you taking to counter and resist a nation slipping into an abyss? 

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