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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

When Event Crowds Matter (Climate Event VS Trump's Rally) (VIDEO)

Watch as a few Trump "deplorables" corner a person they were told was a protester at Trump's Harrisburg, PA. rally.  Link.

Excerpt (if you didn't visit the link for the video)
"It was a disturbing moment," said Makhija speaking to, who says multiple Trump supporters wearing "Bikers for Trump" shirts cornered him while he was listening to the president's speech. Video of an altercation at the New Holland Arena in the Farm Show and Expo Center shows a group of men surrounding Makhija, pushing him while shoving pro-Trump signs in front of his face. 
According to Makhija, the incident began when a person standing next to him was being removed from the rally after holding up a sign that read, "The sea levels are rising." 
"Then a supporter just pointed at me and said, 'Hey, take that guy too,' and they went after me," said Makhija who denies knowing the protesters and says he was not at the rally to protest but rather to listen.
Apparently, the rally was also attended by supporters of Putin's autocratic leadership, or attended by freedom loving American patriots who loathe Trump's Putinism. Someone threw a bunch of miniature Russian flags in the air as trump read through his teleprompter remarks. 
While Trump was preparing for his 100 Day (failure) rally with a crowd of literal Trump supporting losers (and a few bikers for Trump deplorables), hundreds of thousands protest in a march to the White House.

The first of images below show the Climate/environment event was much more widely attended than Trump's flubbed' inauguration. 

Image result for climate protest vs trump inauguration

Image result for climate protest vs trump inauguration Image result for climate protest vs trump inauguration
Image result for climate protest Image result for climate protest
Image result for climate protest Image result for climate protest

Occupy Democrats (Climate protest and Trump Inauguration)
CNN's media host, Brian Stelter, commented via Twitter on the size of the protest. Link

Another CNN personality, contributor David Gergen, with a personal view take on Trump's ridiculous rally.

It is interesting, a few days after the weekend events, we haven't heard nor witnessed any comments about of reaction to the climate events across the nations (and in certain major cities internationally). 

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